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Gratitude is more than just a feeling—it’s the secret sauce to your success.
Gratitude HQ is excited to show you how shifting your mindset can create incredible abundance.

Gratitude HQ has been partnering with organizations worldwide – leading keynotes, workshops, and corporate training. We’re serious about sharing the power of gratitude.

Partner with Gratitude HQ to create a custom presentation, training or program that boosts employee retention and morale, customer satisfaction, revenue, growth and so much more!

The Power of Gratitude in Business

Gratitude HQ is excited to inspire your group with a high-energy, interactive presentation that shifts mindset and behavior to create measurable, positive change.

Essential Gratitude for Business Success:

Your organization will be inspired by this high-energy keynote. With science based practices that are quickly and easily implemented, you and your staff will be ready to lead with gratitude, and experience incredible shifts in the following areas:

  • Staff interaction and collaboration

  • Employee satisfaction and retention

  • Grow revenue without burnout

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Repeat and referred clients

  • Creativity to keep your organization growing and succeeding

If You Want to:

  • Go to work with people you like

  • Serving clients you like

  • All while enjoying financial abundance

Then GRATITUDE has to be part of your business strategy and mindset.

Gratitude Is A Superpower!

Studies show gratitude is related to better overall health, being emotionally more stable, feeling more connected to our friends, family and community, and making better professional decisions. Gratitude has been linked to 12% better sleep, 23% lower stress levels, 40% less pain from an illness, 25% better relationships, higher IQ scores and so much more!What if you could change your business with one simple practice? You can! If you’re ready to learn more about how gratitude can supercharge you, your business, or organization, Gratitude HQ is excited to help! Ready to learn more?

Client’s love working with Gratitude HQ!


Wendy is the best coach ever! She has changed my life. She is so intuitive and knows exactly what advice to give you. Sometimes, it isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s what you need to hear and always presented in such a manner that makes you think and grow. She helps you see the positive side of things, reminds you to celebrate the wins and appreciate what you have. She is a remarkable coach. I highly recommend her to anyone. I hope to always have Wendy in my life. LOVE HER!

- Joyce B.

Wendy is AMAZING, to say the LEAST. So easy to connect with. She just gets you, she gets life and it’s struggles. She’s one incredible lady.

- Elizabeth B.

Gratitude will take your business further than hustle ever will.

- Wendy Hoerl


Interested in working together or having me inspire your group?

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