Have you created success in your business?

Are you pushing, working, and exhausting all your energy and creativity to get to the next rung on the ladder of success? Are you setting new, bigger goals every year and realizing that the level of output you are experiencing is not sustainable, much less enjoyable?

Billionaires are not working a billion times harder than you. There must be a better way. A way that feels easier, aligned, and exciting.

Gratitude Is A Superpower!

Client’s love working with Gratitude HQ!


For the past 2 years, Wendy’s coaching has brought to light so very much in my personal life and my career. She has given me the power to find balance as a career woman, a mother & a wife. I feel better about calling myself the CEO of my business and my life.

Thank you Wendy for doing ‘your thing’! You are an inspiration for so many!

- Kim I.

Wendy’s gratitude training at our annual professional development event was the most popular by far. Our teachers were inspired by Wendy’s ideas for bringing more gratitude into the classroom and for practicing gratitude for personal well-being, too. Wendy is an excellent speaker and I highly recommend her!

- Jill S.

Gratitude will take your business further than hustle ever will.

- Wendy Hoerl


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